Carnivore - More than just a butcher

We started Carnivore to shake up the meat industry.

Our meat isn't just the best quality; it's also the right meat for the job. Every food business is different, and the world needs a supplier that does more than just run through the latest price list. Our customers trust us to offer tailored solutions drawing upon decades of experience in catering, butchery and logistics. Just let us know what would make your life easier, and we'll find a way to make it happen.

We're showing the world what meat supply should look like, and we're not afraid to change the way things have always been done.

When it comes to meat, don't settle for second best.

We make your life easier

We deliver nationwide and strive to offer the fastest and most flexible next-day delivery in the industry.

With Carnivore, deliveries are on time and in full, and should we make a mistake we promise to put it right as soon as we can, not when it suits us.

We also keep paperwork to a minimum and everything is streamlined to maximise the efficiency of our operation and yours.

The best meat
in the business

We only ever supply the best meat for your business.

Our quality meats are sourced to your specifications, available when you need them, and guaranteed to deliver the consistency you demand.

We don't talk bull

We created Carnivore to set new standards of service, convenience and quality for the meat delivery industry.

We never tell porkies, we won't pull the wool over your eyes, and we're proud to always be completely honest, open and transparent.

We know our ducks
from our chickens

We have decades of experience in the meat business and we always get to know our customers, as well as their customers.

We offer tailored solutions to your requirements and draw on our own meat supply and logistics expertise to help grow your business.

From field to fork

We can tell you what your meat has been grazing on and where it's been raised. Complete traceability and provenance is essential in today's market, and we use rigorous food control and safety procedures to ensure your meat is always ethically sourced from animals raised in the highest welfare environments.


To always deliver the best meat for your business, on time and in full.


To be the go-to solution for meat delivery and continually break the norm.

Meat us

All businesses are different and we're hungry to understand your needs. We can't do that by sending you a price list and waiting for the phone to ring. It's just not how we roll.

Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to arrange a visit.