Carnivore - More than just a butcher

Carnivore joined the Reynolds family in 2016 as a response to customer demands for a bespoke butchery solution.

Our dedicated team are experts in their field and, utilising Reynolds’ vast logistics experience, we are able to offer flexible, next-day and day 1 for day 3 deliveries nationwide.

We take the time to understand our individual customer’s needs and strive to add value to your business wherever we can, whether it’s through creating tailored solutions, menu development, consumer insights, or anything else you may require.

A Bespoke Solution

Carnivore offers a bespoke butchery solution, which can be adapted to suit your changing needs.

Using Reynolds’ trusted supply model enables us to offer flexible, next-day deliveries nationwide.

Our supply chain is streamlined to maximise the efficiency of our operation and yours.

We provide industry leading standards of service, convenience, and quality.

Quality Meat

We only ever supply the best quality meat for your business.

Our meat is sourced to your specifications and guaranteed to deliver the consistency you demand.

All of our meat is completely traceable from field to fork.

We offer a wide range of options, including UK Red Tractor Farm Assured, imported, halal, and free range.

Food Safety

We are fully BRC Accredited.

Thorough quality, laboratory testing ensures our meat is food safe and delivers against our promises.

We have an on-site quality assurance and technical team, who ensure all products are produced safely and to your bespoke specifications.

“Carnivore allows us to offer tailored solutions and quality products as part of our existing, trusted supply chain” Tony Reynolds, Reynolds Managing Director

“We deliver the best meat for your business, and guarantee that consolidation does not mean compromising on quality” Andy Esson, Carnivore Managing Director

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All businesses are different, but whatever your needs are we’re happy to help find a solution that works for you.

Get in touch and we’d love to discuss how we can help.